I’m a 21-year-old full-stack developer currently based in Switzerland. I work with web technologies daily, but I also enjoy tinkering with hardware and lower-level programming languages in my spare time.


For a long time I’ve been writing small drafts in my obsidian vault and just recently I decided to polish and publish some of them to see how it goes. Have a read!

Pssst! I also have an RSS feed!

neovim is my text editor of choice, using a slightly modified version of AstroNvim. All my dotfiles can be found here on GitHub.

I’ve been using Linux for around 10 years (with Ubuntu 13.10 being the first distro I’ve ever installed). Arch has been my daily driver for the past three years. I’m looking forward to experimenting with Void in the near future.

This website was built mainly using astro, svelte and TailwindCSS. The entire source code can be found on GitHub under the MIT license.

I can’t live without music. Check out the last song I was listening to on spotify:

Somewhat inspired by this website.

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